"Joy Basket" from Rwanda, Spring Green, Yellow, Orange and White

Larkin Lane Designs

Handwoven in a cooperative in Rwanda, these gorgeous baskets are perfect when used as table decor, as a catch-all, or when hung on your wall in a grouping or on its own!

  • 8" Diameter, 3" H
  • Woven hook on back to make hanging simple
  • Handwoven, all natural sisal 

Every basket made by a Rwandan weaver has over 30,000 stitches. The steps that go into making these beautiful pieces are complex, intricate and based on tradition. The social impact that the sale of these baskets has on families in Rwanda is tremendous. 

Master Weaver: Mukakamanzi Theresa

"I was born into a family of nine children. I dropped out of school because my parents could not afford tuition. The little they made selling potatoes and cassava they used to pay tuition for my brothers. 

With no education and no job, I was forced to marry early. My husband worked in the capital Kigali making very little to support our family... and only came home once a month. If my husband didn't come home for many many days, the children and I would go hungry. 

When the Gahaya weaving cooperative came to my village to mobilize women into weaving, I had nothing. My first basket sales bought me a piece of Kitenge, which I used to make my first dress with income from my hands. I became a Master Weaver and bought clothes, a mattress, and then hens and goats- which I sold to buy a cow. When my husband returned after a while, he saw a new woman, well dressed, sleeping on a mattress, and owning a cow for our family.

He now respects me as his wife. We have a savings account, we pay our health insurance every year and our children are well fed."



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