Beatriz Guatemalan Blouse - Blue and Black


Your new go-to summer blouse! Features a flowy, loose fit for warmer weather, detailed embroidered neckline with a pop of color, and stunning crocheted hem! The "Beatriz" style of our huipil collection is designed to look flattering on all body types!

Based on ancient Mayan spinning and dyeing techniques, Guatemalan textiles are an enduring link to a rich cultural past. Weavers today (mostly women) still derive colors for their threads from vegetables and minerals, and continue to use the original Mayan loom, also known as a backstrap loom, that consists of rods, rope, and a strap that is worn around the weaver’s waist! With skill and creativity, these Mayan weavers preserve their traditional craft techniques while creating an income for their families.

At Larkin Lane, Lark hand selects authentic textiles and collaborates with Guatemalan artisans in the design of each product. Your purchase supports these craftsmen and women. Thank you for the role you play in keeping global textile traditions alive!


Materials: Cotton
Made in Guatemala

Colors: Royal Blue and Black

• Hand-loomed and hand-embroidered 
• Opened crocheted bottom edge
• Embroidered Neckline and Sleeves
• Flattering hemline shape
• Oval colorful embroidered neckline
• Natural Fibers and Dyes

Perspective of Size: Sleeves hit just at the elbow and bottom edge hits outer edge of hips!


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