"Evelyn" Loose Fit, Guatemalan Blouse in Pink and Red, Size Small/ Medium


Hand-loomed and hand-embroidered "huipil" or blouse from Guatemala. This gorgeous blouse has its origins in Mayan culture, but it couldn't be more chic or modern when paired with jeans and booties! 

Let your outfit tell a story!

Based on ancient Mayan spinning and dyeing techniques, Guatemalan textiles are an enduring link to a rich cultural past. Weavers today (mostly women) still derive colors for their threads from vegetable and mineral substances. The Mayan loom - a back strap loom- is still the method of weaving used today.

  • Size Small/ Medium 
  • Dry clean for best results
  • Complimentary Shipping

Guatemala is one of few countries in the world where the ancient traditions of textile art still thrive! 

**Each blouse at Larkin Lane is handmade by weavers in the mountains of Guatemala. As such, no two are ever exactly the same. We do our best to represent each item as closely as possible on our website to the one that you will receive. Thank you for supporting true artisans of the world and their craft!!!


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