"Darya" Suzani Pillow


Embroidered with hand-spun silk in Uzbekistan, this Suzani pillow is truly a work of art. With a neutral background, this pillow features a beautiful combination of colors. The reverse side of this pillow is a neutral cotton with a hidden zipper.

Down insert is included. 19" x 20"

At Larkin Lane Designs, Lark selects each Suzani piece from the artisans themselves. It is an honor to support these talented artists and their cultural traditions!

"Suzani" is a term for embroidered textiles that originated hundreds of years ago in Central Asia. According to local custom, a suzani was started every time a girl was born. Each female family member would embroider a different panel of cloth with hand-spun silk. When the girl was of marrying age, all panels would be sewn together, and used as a dowry. With so many women participating in its creation, the suzani became a form of artistic expression and communication for women.

The legacy of the suzani has endured, yet evolved- while no longer used as dowry pieces, the exquisite textiles are still crafted as works of art. Each suzani available at Larkin Lane Designs is a hand-embroidered, one of a kind piece to treasure.

At Larkin Lane Designs, Lark hand selects each textile. It is an honor to support this centuries-old craft and bring it to the modern home!

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