"Sainte-Amande" Silk Ikat Scarf


The colors in our "Saint-Amande" silk ikat scarf are unique. The blues range from a grey-ish blue to a cool cerulean blue. There is also a beautiful shade of almond and a touch of black on a cream silk background. This color combination makes our "Saint-Amande" extremely versatile as an accessory! Made from hand-loomed and hand-dyed silk in Uzbekistan.

Cocktail convo tip: Pronounced EE-cot

    This scarf is made from 100% hand-loomed and hand-dyed silk in Uzbekistan. The craftsmanship of silk ikat has been handed down from generation to generation along the Silk Road. It can take up to a month to weave a single yard of this fabric!

    At Larkin Lane Designs, Lark hand selects each silk from the Uzbeki artisans themselves. It is an honor to support this centuries-old craft and bring it to the modern woman's wardrobe!

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