"Khoma" Bhutanese Textile Purse

Larkin Lane Designs

Hand dyed and hand woven on a back loom in Bhutan, this gorgeous textile clutch carries on an artistic tradition that has been passed down through generations of women.

All Natural Silk and Cotton

Most Bhutanese women begin to learn the art of weaving as young girls from their mothers and grandmothers. At first, they learn simple designs and patterns, but as they gain confidence - through hours of practice, they incorporate more intricate patterns. Many of the designs and symbols represent their Buddhist religious beliefs.  It's no wonder that so much beauty comes from a country that values above all "Gross National Happiness"!

The village of Khoma  is known throughout Bhutan for its production of Kishuthara, an extremely intricately patterned silk textile. The women of Khoma work in makeshift textile cottages, weaving delicate designs and patterns. Producing and selling Kishuthara has become the primary occupation of many of the villagers

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