"Santa Marta" Blouse, Spring Green with Embroidery

Arte Limon

The "Santa Marta" hand-embroidered blouse from Mexico has its roots in Mayan culture, but with a chic, flattering shape, it is perfect for the modern woman!

The pattern in this blouse is based on the traditional "Universe" design. The inner diamond has curls on each side that represent wings; called "pepen" or butterfly- it is the weavers' symbol for the day sun. The butterfly is a metaphor for the sun because according to historic lore, like the sun, it inhabits the underworld when day turns to night.... Let your outfit tell a story!! (And what an amazing story is that?!?)

Mexican textiles reflect a passion for color, pattern, and design. Using centuries-old techniques, traditional artisans still use vegetables, fruits, and barks to make natural dyes. Women weave into their clothing intricate patterns with meaning dating back to Mayan times. And families pass the traditions of weaving from generation to generation.

  • Size: Small
  • Delicate Cycle (or Dry Clean)

    Your purchase helps to preserve a centuries-old textile tradition and creates sustainable income for artisans and their communities. Thank you!!


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