Santa Marta Mexican Blouse - Yellow

Arte Limon

Let your outfit tell a story! The repeating pattern of this embroidery is based on the traditional "Universe" design. The inner diamond has spirals on each side symbolizing “pepen”, the wings of a butterfly. In Mexican lore, the butterfly is a metaphor for transformation and the sun. When day turns to night, the sun inhabits the underworld to create the eternal fire!

Mexican textiles reflect a passion for color, pattern, and design. Using centuries-old techniques, traditional artisans still use vegetables, fruits, and barks to make natural dyes. Women weave intricate patterns into each piece with meaning dating back to Mayan times. Families pass the traditions of weaving from generation to generation. There is a true appreciation for tradition and the preservation of processes vital to keeping Mexican culture alive.

At Larkin Lane, Lark hand selects authentic textiles and collaborates with Mexican artisans in the design of each product. Your purchase supports these craftsmen and women. Thank you for the role you play in keeping global textile traditions alive!


Materials: Cotton
Made in Mexico

Colors: Yellow and Creme

• Hand-stitched and hand-embroidered
• Side slits for flexible movement
• Natural Fibers
• Square Neckline
• Embroidered neck and sleeve

Comes in sizes LARGE
Perspective of Size: Sleeves just past the shoulders and sits just at hips!

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