Joy Woven Vase

Larkin Lane Designs

Handwoven by women in Rwanda from all-natural fibers, this gorgeous, colorful vase is the perfect addition to your table and kitchen! Just add a glass liner and display a small bouquet of flowers to brighten any room! The combinations don’t end there. Due to it’s adaptable design, it can also be used as a kitchen utensil or wine bottle holder. Endless possibilities with the Joy Woven Vase!

Every vase made by a Rwandan weaver has over 30,000 stitches. Each step that go into making these beautiful pieces is complex, intricate, and based on tradition.

At Larkin Lane, Lark hand selects authentic textiles and collaborates with Rwandan artisans in the design of each product. Your purchase supports these craftsmen and women. Thank you for the role you play in keeping global textile traditions alive!


All Natural Sisal and Sweetgrass
Made in Rwanda

Colors: Blue, Green, Lilac, and Cream

•Hand stitched with love and over 30.000 stitches
• Durable, does not lose shape

Dimensions: 8.5" Diameter, 4" H
Perspective of Size: Add a medium glass liner to hold flowers or chilled wine bottle!

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