Soledad Mexican Blouse - Ivory


This blouse is particularly exquisite because of the intricate level of embroidery and the attention to detail on the repeating diamond pattern of the neckline. A classic, neutral piece mindfully interpreted for modern life. Pair with a great pair of skinny or bootcut jeans for a chic, everyday look!

The traditional designs in our "Soledad" Mexican blouses date back to the year 600 and have been used in ceremonial dress since the Classical Maya period. The artisans who weave these blouses work in a cooperative in Mexico whose mission is to preserve an ancient art form and empower the 600 women and 200 men artisans to thrive as sustainable members of the global marketplace. These artist-entrepreneurs are self-employed, pay their children's school fees, support local health clinics and are leaders in their community.

At Larkin Lane, Lark hand selects authentic textiles and collaborates with Mexican artisans in the design of each product. Your purchase supports these craftsmen and women. Thank you for the role you play in keeping global textile traditions alive!


Materials: Muslin/ Cotton
Made in Mexico

Colors:  Ivory and Champagne / Taupe

• Hand-stitched and hand-embroidered
• Slit open on sides
• Natural Fibers
• Keyhole Neckline

Comes in Size Medium
Perspective of Size: Sleeves just past the shoulders and hem sits just above the hips!

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