"Tikal" Guatemalan Textile Bag in Black and White


Featuring a hand-woven Guatemalan textile, our "Tikal" bag is perfect for jewelry, make-up, or as a small clutch!

Based on ancient Mayan spinning and dyeing techniques, Guatemalan textiles are an enduring link to a rich cultural past. Weavers today (mostly women) still derive colors for their threads from vegetable and mineral substances. The Mayan loom - a back strap loom- is still the method of weaving used today.

Guatemala is one of few countries in the world where the ancient traditions of textile art still thrive! 

  • 7.5" x 6"
  • Cocktail convo tip: Tikal is in the Northeast region of Guatemala

Thank you for supporting women in business! Following the Civil War in Guatemala (from 1960-1996), many women were widowed and left without an income. Weaving at home has allowed them to support their children through their craft and at the same time develop self-confidence and organizational skills. They have passed these skills on to their daughters and granddaughters and created a successful and self-sustaining enterprise- all while preserving their cultural heritage!

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