"Atitlan" Tunic Vest, Sleeveless in Celadon Green and Gold


Our "Atitlan" sleeveless tunic vest is a STUNNER. The perfect style (with pockets!) to take you from the office to the opera. Made from the most exquisitely detailed Guatemalan fabric, the shades of celadon and mint green are interwoven with a gold thread in a process that is largely dying out among younger weavers. We are doing our best to convince the younger generation to learn this intricate technique and preserve this priceless textile tradition. 

  • Size Medium
  • Fully Lined
  • Large and small sizes available upon request, email lark@larkinlanedesigns.com to order
  • Dry clean for best results

Based on ancient Mayan spinning and dyeing techniques, Guatemalan textiles are an enduring link to a rich cultural past. Weavers today (mostly women) still derive colors for their threads from vegetable and mineral substances. The Mayan loom - a back strap loom- is still the method of weaving used today.Guatemala is one of few countries in the world where the ancient traditions of textile art still thrive! 


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